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We are a family team of designers and web developers. We have over 30 years of experience between us and are constantly updating our skills to offer our clients the latest in design innovation.

Marcella Kirwan

A little bit of information

I have been working in commercial art in one way or another since the 1980s. A lot has changed over the years, I remember my first Mac had 10mb of RAM. Imagine? I studied in The College of Marketing and Design in Dublin, left textile design in NCAD early and then got sense in Barcelona where I spent 10 years both studying in La Escuela Municipal de Artes Graficas and working. On my return to Dublin I worked mainly in print and then went on to offer web design. My experience with all aspects of business from design to admin to the importance of text to budget to bar codes has made me able to understand clients’ needs and make them feel comfortable and that they are in good hands.  I love working with Steven. We complement and compliment each other. I live in Shankill, Dublin with my family. I love to cook, make things from driftwood and paint when I get a chance to.

“Fortune favours the brave”
Marcella Kirwan

Steven Kirwan

A little bit of information

I studied at IADT and got my quals and I have been working in the industry for over 5 years. I use HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP and React. I presently work with small local businesses as well as large global companies. I get to help clients translate their ideas to the web and I really enjoy the variety of projects that have come my way. There is a common thread in any project whether it is big or small and that is the fact that the user of the website has to be able to navigate and understand the website straight away or else the customer is lost for the client. I try to make sure that this is always the end result of any website. I am always improving my skills and school for me will never be finished but I really enjoy what I do and I am lucky to be able to work in the industry at home in Ireland. Yes, I am a bit of a home bird! For relaxation I play the guitar, my dad taught me as a kid and it is a great gift he gave me. I love music and I love rubgy. I recently bought a house in Lucan so a new life will be opening up for me soon. Watch this space!

“Seize the day”

Steven Kirwan


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We want our clients to be totally satisfied with our work. We want them to stay with us forever.

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We are follow trends so we can offer the latest in design but we have plenty of ideas of our own. We will help you to get the most out of your website.


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If you need some technical help we can give it to you or show you where to go. Sharing information is our thing. We will help you to be your own boss.


Over the years we have built up a list of reliable professionals that we can refer you to if you need a printer, a photographer, a video maker and more.

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