Here are a few samples of our work.

Already a well established lighting business, this branch especially designed for children was in need of its own space. We were delighted to have such colourful mechanise to work with and this client was really organised which meant that the entire website and shop was put together within 2 working days. We used the services of MashupMedia to make the demonstration video. The lampshades are really attractive and the battery that runs the rotating mechanism is solar powered. It was a pleasure to work with the inventor and get to go to the workshop where the magic happens. The website really only consists of one long page and it was really important that nothing distracted from the beautiful designs. They had to speak for themselves! I am glad to say that we fulfilled the brief and we have a happy customer. The business is thriving in Ireland and Europe and the online shop is going very well too. You might want to visit Kids’ Rotating Lampshades for yourself, an excellent and original gift idea.

Shankill Financial Services are a small business of financial brokers that are very much a part of the Shankill community. They wanted a website that would reflect their already established brand so we were able to use their logo, photos and the text they had already composed. They wanted to be able to update their site themselves and have it connected with their social media, we delivered the brief on schedule and to everyone’s satisfaction. It was a pleasure to work with them and lately we have become customers of theirs also. They said: “The team at SMB designed our website for us a few years ago and more recently gave our site a complete refresh to give it a more modern look. We are delighted with the results. We would recommend SMB for their expertise, their efficiency and their ability to use their own initiative to create a website suited to our specific business and website objectives. The site is now simple for us to update and maintain and the training we received from Marcella was extremely useful. The team are always on hand when we need them. I would definitely recommend SMB.”

Another local business, we were intrigued by these custom made flight cases that house everything from musical instruments to architectural models. The joy of web development is that one meets all kinds of people who have hugely varied skills and talents. It was important for Dublin Flight Case to display their wares, show the public their long list of (famous) clients and demonstrate that they are up to the challenge of making a flight case to carry and protect whatever needs be. Dublin Flight Case

Mechanical Plant Training Services needed their website updated so we designed a new logo and gave them an up to date look. They are a company that trains construction industry workers in SAFE PASS and how to use various types of heavy plant machinery including cranes, diggers, dumpers and very large excavators. They supplied us with photos of their machines and and some text but we were given free reign over the look and layout of the website. Marcella had got to know the owner as she had spent two full days with him interpreting a mobile crane training programme in Spanish so she felt like she could produce a website that would please him. Thankfully, he was very happy with the end result. Mechanical Plant Training Services

This was the most organised client we have had to date. They knew exactly what they wanted and had all of their text carefully written and ready to be transferred to their new website. They also had their photos in the correct format and gave us full artistic licence to chose any other photos that we might need. It made the job very easy for us and the entire job was completed in 8 hours. Time is money of course and the more organised the client is the less expensive the website is. A pleasure to work with you Siobhan of

Sheila Moylan Art

This London based artist wanted an online gallery and shop where customers could view and buy paintings and prints without having to visit the studio. We designed the entire website, the logo,  registered the domain name, set up the hosting, edited all of the photos and set up the payment gateway. Our client was way too busy to spend time on the website. I often find this happens with small businesses, they are so busy running their business that little time is left for setting up their website! We just asked our client for photos of their work and some keywords, had one meeting to get a sense of the person behind the business and then we went off and worked our magic. Sheila Moylan Art

Grounded For Life

Grounded for Life is a rural retreat that incorporates therapeutic horticulture with everyday life working the land, growing vegetables with love and insight, mixing hard work with inspiration and understanding of the importance of sustainability. The brief was to build a website where the ethos of the business would be clear to the public. The idea of “Soil to Soul” was the message that the owner Kathy wanted to show the world. Located in beautiful Bannow, Co. Wexford, Grounded for Life consists of a market garden, commercial kitchen, spiritual retreat and holiday cottage and family home. We designed the entire branding and even got to stay over and experience the joy of being Grounded For Life

QBA – Quality for best Advantage were a very interesting company to work with. It was a completely new area for us to learn about. I (Marcella) didn’t know that such companies existed until I met Peter (the MD). They are a company who specialises in helping other companies to maximize their productivity through finding the correct people of the job, using the most efficient processes and using the most up to date technology to augment their potential. It was hugely interesting to work with QBA. What’s more, the gave us their logo and text only and told us we could develop their website as we thought fit. QBA, lots of businesses could do with their services!

Rockview Field Resource sent me this: “After 10 years I decided to upgrade my very dull and boring website and Marcella Kirwan of came very highly recommended.  She was at all times informative, professional, made great suggestions and made the whole process as simple as possible.  My website now pops when you visit and looks very slick and professional – exactly what I was looking for!  I would highly recommend Marcella’s web services and look forward to continuing our working relationship into the future”.

Having built the original website in 2013 for Seafield Dental Clinic, we all decided that it was time for a fresh new look. They wanted to use video on their new website so we used the services of Mash Up Media and were given really excellent materials to work with in the form of videos and photos. The dental practice had expanded to include more dental and surgical procedures and also skin treatments for the young and not so young. They are also selling some products and there was a need to show their customers this range. A very important part of their website were the testimonials from their patients and I must say the patients were only too delighted to go on video for Seafield Dental & Aesthetics. 

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